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A fun and crazy clan who believes WoW is meant to be entertaining and a memorable time in your life. We are a 11+ year old raiding guild and are always forming core raid groups for end content. For years Nexis has been the first home to hundreds on Arthas, a stepping stone for many and always a warm home for all who are returning to re-experience the amazing Legion! Recruiting core players for raiding and PvP. We have a diverse membership - but all are friendly, helpful and respectful. We are guild lvl 25.

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To Be or Not To Be in Nexis!

by BebeNexis, 22 days ago

After 12 years of WoW and 11 years as GM of Nexis, I wanted to summarize our guild philosophy. Guilds are the best way to experience the full scope of World of Warcraft. Arthas is challenging since we are very imbalanced faction wise - about 90% horde. We are always in progression as a guild.
Every guild is not a good fit for every player. Nexis priority is to have a great place to call home on Arthas and to develop friendships, learn and experience more game content together, give and get help when wanted or needed, and to bring your characters to full potential.  By reading the following philosophy you will know if Nexis is the guild for you.
Whether you are a teenager, an adult, a guy or a gal, or other species () the above is meant to address you as an intelligent human being- a potentially professional raider. If you need to be yelled at, treated like dirt or like a baby to learn to raid this is not the guild for you.

However it's a two way street - in order to receive respect and be treated as an adult- is to give respect and do your part to fulfill your responsibilities.

We do not have or encourage cliques. No special treatment for anyone, but tons of recognition and appreciation for those who show their best efforts and achieve results. Whether for PVE, PvP serious raiding or just casual we all want to have fun. Our guild ranks are based on character item level, raiding ability, participation and leadership qualities. We will offer help to any who strive to be part of the top team of raiders. Since the game has evolved to allow for flexible raid size no one has to be left out if they qualify for a raid spot.
Since the raid organizing is best left to leaders- and not wannabes or "know-it-alls" who don't know it all, your responsibility is to do all you can to read, learn, practice, even challenge what you are told to do. But if you disagree or challenge - back it up and do it respectfully. Be prepared to accept feedback - good or bad - no one in this game is perfect - no one is ALWAYS right! Most important - suggestions and disagreements with Raid Leaders and guild strats - should only be discussed outside of raid time.
Most of us are adults, but from various cultural venues. While we are all here to have fun, be mindful of the entire group. If you cannot control your chat in whatever part of the game -best to be quiet. What may be fun and acceptable to you and your friends may be offensive to others.
To that point we do not allow discussions about politics, sex, drugs, religion or any controversial potentially drama inducing subject matter. If you want to discuss touchy subjects as above - it's ok on vent with consenting players. Just go to a different channel than the hangout.
Name calling, racial slurs or harassment of any kind is not funny to most civil adults. It is a game and a release from the drama and stress of real life but that's not an excuse to bring it into the game for those of us who want to relax and have fun without the drama.

Finally - WE ARE NEXIS! No one is allowed to humiliate, belittle or cyber bully anyone in our raids. Not on vent, not in gchat, not in raid chat or even in whispers. Talking over ppl is just plain rude. Until a raid is clearly on farm status, raid quiet will be implemented so we can get stuff done with utmost expedience. Some great friendships develop and grow in WoW. We encourage that and want our team to excel in all aspects of the game.
We use ventrilo as our main raiding communication. It is required for raiding. Please hop on vent as often as possible to have fun, chat and be part of the team.

Appointed raid leaders are held to the highest standards.
All core raiders are considered officers of equal standing in guild. We test several ppl for raid leading. Many top guilds assign ppl who may not be the best players but can "lead" and teach ppl in a civil, expeditious and efficient manner for maximum progress and results. Keeping a calm voice, having a good fight knowledge and knowing the players limits are part of successful leading.
In our case we have the benefit of not only good raid leader qualities but raid leaders who are in fact top players in their class. A big thanks to all loyal guildies. I especially want to recognize Ruoric for his incredible ability to remain calm and on task during raids.

Please get involved and provide feedback to leaders and officers.

Thanks from the Nexis raiding team and BEBE!

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